Today we are going to talk about natural home remedies to avoid constipation in toddlers.

If you have embarked on potty training, you may have run into an issue with POOP. Truth be told, a lot of toddlers struggle with the concept of poop, but the LAST thing we want to happen is CONSTIPATION.

Constipation can lead to a whole bunch of poop issues, so let’s just try to avoid that! And while we’re talking about things to avoid, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME BEFORE TRYING MIRALAX!

I’m speaking from experience and education here, so my mama heart is with you when it comes to poop issues.

I know this is a story for another day, and someday I’ll tell you all about it, but my daughter, Kaiya is why Slumber and Bloom expanded into potty training coaching in addition to sleep training coaching.

Not sure if your child needs sleep training? Take the quiz to find out!

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Need a sleep coach NOW?

If you’re ready to start sleep training, let’s set up a time to chat! Some things to think about when deciding when you want to start sleep training your baby:

  • Ensure it’s the proper timing- make sure your baby isn’t sick, you aren’t traveling, or you don’t have any big life changes coming (new baby, moving, switching jobs/childcare, etc.).
  • Be prepared to put in the work. Consistency will pay off in the long run. Sleep training isn’t an overnight success; it takes many nights and dedication to help your baby learn to sleep.
  • Create a plan or hire me as your sleep consultant for one-on-one help.

Sweet Dreams,
 Missy Yandow

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