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Helping your little one sleep and blossom

Resources for newborn to five years old


Sleep Coaching

Your comprehensive assessment and step-by-step sleep plan to help your child go from constant waking up to restful and restorative sleep. One-on-one support and encouragement for the purchased duration.

Potty Training

Potty training is your first glimpse into HOW your child learns and it doesn’t have to be a power struggle. We can make this a fun, successful AND bonding experience for you and your child.  

Music and Movement

Music and Movement programs provide psychological, social, emotional, and physical benefits for children. Children will be introduced to a structured class where we explore instruments, musical props and music together. 


What parents are saying:

“Honestly, this is the best day I’ve had with her in a long time! I’m so grateful!”

– Courtney

Hi I'm Missy

  • Mom of three kids under five.
  • Certified in baby & toddler sleep and potty training.
  • Degrees in Child Life Psychology & Early Childhood Education.
  • Passionate about helping families achieve their goals without stress.