Babies’ sleep needs are constantly changing. From the number of naps they need in a day to the amount of time they can be awake in between naps. As your baby grows, she will be able to stay awake longer and also take longer, more consolidated naps. Sometimes it seems like as soon as we get into a good routine, things get crazy again- and usually that means it’s time to adjust your baby’s schedule. In this video I have broken down baby’s sleep needs by age group so that you know exactly how many naps your baby needs and how often naps need to happen.

Naps by Age: A Quick Guide —

If you’re ready to start sleep training, let’s set up a time to chat! Some things to think about when deciding when you want to start sleep training your baby:

  • Ensure it’s the proper timing- make sure your baby isn’t sick, you aren’t traveling, or you don’t have any big life changes coming (new baby, moving, switching jobs/childcare, etc.).
  • Be prepared to put in the work. Consistency will pay off in the long run. Sleep training isn’t an overnight success; it takes many nights and dedication to help your baby learn to sleep.
  • Create a plan or hire me as your sleep consultant for one-on-one help.

Sweet Dreams,
 Missy Yandow

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  1. Ali Hensley on January 25, 2020 at 4:20 am

    Awesome article! I used to spend hours rocking my baby to sleep. I felt so lost and alone in my sleep deprivation. Then I discovered this simple trick that had her sleeping in 30 minutes:

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