“We already tried everything, and nothing worked for my baby. She just doesn’t like sleep.”

Then I ask a series of questions and figure out exactly what happened and WHY sleep training may have failed.

The truth is- SLEEP TRAINING DOES WORK. It takes time, consistency, and commitment to make it work. There are MANY pieces to the sleep puzzle, NOT just nighttime sleep. In this video, I’m breaking down the top reasons why sleep training may have failed and what to do to make actual progress.

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Top reasons why sleep training fails:

  1. Inconsistency in the parent’s reaction to the child waking up during the night.
  2. Parents didn’t give sleep training long enough.
  3. Parents only focus on nighttime. Sleep is a 24-hour cycle of awake and asleep time. Naps are a HUGE part of having successful sleep training.

Tips to help with successful sleep training:

  1. Don’t rush in when your child “wakes up.” Your child may actually only be transitioning to the next sleep cycle when they let out a cry.
  2. If you MUST go into the room, do not stimulate your child. This may cause them to be more awake and have more trouble falling back asleep.
  3. Have a plan and stick to it.
  4. Give it time!

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