Often times when I meet someone new, they ask, “What do you do?” 🤷‍♀️
I explain, “I’m a baby and toddler sleep consultant. I teach parents about healthy sleep habits for their child that will encourage consolidated, independent sleep.” I hear more times than I can count, “OH, WOW! I NEVER KNEW A JOB LIKE THAT EXISTED!”
Truth be told, I didn’t know it existed either. It wasn’t until I became passionate about helping parents on their journey through parenthood that I was searching for ways to truly HELP families. I knew that with my professional education being in Child Life Psychology and Early Childhood Education that there was something I could do to use my knowledge to support families, while being home with my kids, too.
I searched the internet for MONTHS, texting my best friend on a daily basis, asking her if “as a parent, would you find X service helpful?”
Around the same time, my third baby was 6 months old, sleeping through the night, and never even needed “official sleep training.” My friends started asking questions and wanted to know how I “did it.” How have I successfully and pretty painlessly taught all three of my children to be “good sleepers” from such a young age?
The short answer: I used different methods for ALL THREE KIDS. Why? Because every one of my children are completely different. I have one totally easy going child, one super strong-willed child, and one that is go-with-the-flow yet a little fiesty. I knew that “sleep training” meant something different for every child AND every parent that I would work with.
I did some more research and when I texted my bestie and said, “OK, I think I finally got it. Do you think parents could benefit from hiring me as a sleep consultant?” She quickly responded, “YES!” and I knew that was the path for me. [I’ll also add that this particular friend has been jokingly telling me to write a book on raising babies for YEARS and she was SO excited to help me finally find my calling. Friends like her that have encouraged me to follow my dreams and pave my own way are the reason why I’m here to offer you my services today. Thank you, bestie. ❤]
When I came across a few sleep consultant training programs, I quickly narrowed it down to the one that supported actually evaluating each individual situation and tailoring a customized sleep plan and working one-on-one with families as they implement new routines. I jumped into this business and I’ve eagerly been helping families on their journey to better sleep ever since. The absolute BEST part of this career is bonding with moms over their baby’s new found love of sleep, which in turn, helps the parents sleep better and feel more like themselves again.
In addition to setting sleep goals for the child, I love helping parents set their own goals, such as encouraging mom to take a night off and go out with her girlfriends, or giving mom and dad some ideas for a “date night in” since they’ll have some extra time to spend together once the baby goes to sleep. I love encouraging mamas to sign up to take an evening fitness class, or to get back into a hobby she loved pre-baby. As much as my sleep consultations are about helping babies and toddlers sleep, it’s also about helping parents rediscover their hobbies. Parenthood is a HUGE transition and I’m here to help with more than just sleep.
It’s also important for me to share that parenthood DOESN’T mean that you have to wear a “badge of exhaustion.” And it MOST CERTAINLY does NOT mean that you leave your baby to “cry it out.” I am proud to say that I have never, NOT ONCE, written a sleep plan that involves the extinction method. I would NEVER encourage parents to “train” their child in a way that I wouldn’t teach my own children. Anyone who knows me personally can attest to the fact that I’m the most warm and fuzzy mama on the block and babies and toddlers are my favorite humans in the world.
I have big plans for my business and lots of exciting announcements coming up within the next few months. I’m proud to serve your family and I’m looking forward to branching out in the near future and being able to support families through more milestones. To the parents that I’ve worked with in the past, thank you for trusting me with your precious sleep.
Sweet Dreams,
Missy Yandow
If your baby’s sleep is completely derailed, set up a free call with me to discover which sleep package would be the best fit for your family. I am here to get your sleep back on track. Whether you need just one phone call or four weeks of one-on-one support, there is something for everyone.
If you’re ready to start working together, let’s set up a time to chat!
Some things to think about when deciding when you want to start sleep training your baby/toddler:
    • Ensure it’s the proper timing- make sure your baby isn’t sick, you aren’t traveling, or you don’t have any big life changes coming (new baby, moving, switching jobs/childcare, etc.).
    • Be prepared to put in the work. Consistency will pay off in the long run. Sleep training isn’t overnight success; it takes many nights and dedication to help your baby learn to sleep.
    • Create a plan, or invest in a sleep consultant. If you choose to work with me, I will assess your baby’s sleep habits and write a customized step by step sleep plan for your baby. No two plans are the same, just as no two babies are the same. My sleep plans are based on your child’s temperament, age, parental preference and so much more! My sleep packages also come with unlimited support for the duration of your purchase- you can ask me anything and share every triumph and victory!
    • If your baby is over 4 months old, one-on-one sleep support would be a perfect fit. With my personal support, you would have a written sleep plan, supporting documents, email and sleep log support and 1-2 weeks of one-on-one help to perfect your child’s sleep.
If you’re pregnant or if you have a newborn, check out my prenatal/newborn sleep guide. I offer step by step instructions on how to teach your baby healthy sleep habits from the start, so you don’t have to get to a point of needing sleep training. This guide is not sleep training. It involves lots of snuggling and cuddling your baby, while practicing healthy independent sleep habits when the baby accepts it. This guide is broken down by month to make it easy to navigate and follow.
Don’t wait for your child’s sleep to “fix itself,” because most of the time, it doesn’t.

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