Before having kids, I was a preschool teacher. I attempted to go back to working full-time and it just wasn’t working. My son, Timmy wasn’t sleeping at daycare and the lack of sleep was making him miserable.

He was up all night and crying constantly and not meeting his milestones.

I quit my job, kept Timmy at home and improved his sleep drastically and that changed EVERYTHING.

After I had Kaiya and Joshua, I attempted many businesses that flopped. I was frustrated and wanted to find a way to make money from so that I could contribute to our income while staying at home with the kids.

This was when I discovered the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting. I have earned my certification as a pediatric sleep consultant and I now help families all over the world with sleep training their little ones.

I am able to work with families either in-home or 100% virtually.

This has been such a rewarding career and if you’re interested in this career too, click the link below to enroll!

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