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For only $99 you get all this:

✓ 40+ potty training instructional videos
✓ Potty Training Action Plan pdf
✓ Potty training checklist
✓ Potty training goals chart
✓ Toddler potty sequence cards & sticker chart
✓ 7-days of email support [BONUS]
✓ Invitation to POTTY PARTY: LIVE FB group [BONUS]


Join 100's of other toddler Moms and Dads
who have potty trained quickly and easily!

Take a look at what people have said…

“Missy’s Potty Party was great! I had tried multiple times before to potty train my little one with no success. Working through Missy’s course really set me and my toddler up for success. Happy to report we have ditched the diapers and it was an overall great experience!
 – Valerie
“We attempted to potty train on our own last year using a popular book as our guide and it couldn’t have gone more wrong…. I cannot even begin to explain what a night and day difference this second attempt was to our first. Missy helped me feel better prepared and less stressed in prepping for the big day that we threw the diapers away… having Missy to turn to with my questions, vents, and small wins helped keep me in a good headspace… My only regret is not turning to Slumber And Bloom for help sooner!”
– Aimee
“My son potty trained in 3 days with only 1 major accident – I mean, you can’t beat that! He is confidently and proudly using the toilet and telling everyone he knows what a big boy he is. Without Missy’s guidance and support, I’m sure we would have met immediate regressions with our approach. Missy’s process allows for the child to be in the driver seat, to understand fully what is going on, and to be appropriately rewarded for a job well done. My son was extremely receptive to this method, and I know when the time comes, my daughter will be, too!”
 – Christen

"POTTY TRAINING SUCKS." - said families who haven't joined the POTTY PARTY yet...

You’re overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start.

So you avoid potty training altogether.

You think it’s easier to just keep buying diapers.

Others’ opinions are starting to weigh on you and take an emotional toll.

There is a better way.

Stop stressing. I have you covered.

It’s time to join the POTTY PARTY!

> Follow one clear strategy to potty train quickly and easily.

> Ditch the diapers and NEVER look back!

> Avoid the drama of ineffective methods.

> Save your sanity so you can spend your time enjoying your toddler, instead of battling each other over the toilet.

Have a concrete potty training action plan.
Ditch the diapers quickly and easily... the first time!

I’m a dual certified potty training coach with over 15 years of Early Childhood Education experience.

My methods will ease your stress and make this process more FUN!

Ditch the diapers and NEVER LOOK BACK!

Are you ready to potty train the way EVERY PARENT should?!

✓ Learn how to prepare BEFORE potty training
✓ Follow my step-by-step potty training process
✓ Watch your child grow and thrive in new routines!


40+ instructional videos

From before day 1 through fully potty trained, I’m guiding you every step of the way.

What does it include:

 Phase 1: Plant the Seeds

 Phase 2: Establish Roots

 Phase 3: Let it Blossom

PDF Download: The Potty Training Action Plan

Follow along with the videos and take notes!

What does it include:

 Supply checklist and a goals chart

 Printable potty time sequence cards

 Printable sticker reward charts

7-Days of e-mail Support

This is your opportunity to ask any questions you have about potty training!

What does it include:

 E-mail support within 7-days of purchase

 Get professional answers to your potty training questions

 Have confidence in your understanding of potty training

Join the private Facebook group

Join the POTTY PARTY: LIVE community!

What does it include:

 A supportive community of like-minded parents

 A dual certified potty training coach, answering your questions each week

 Monthly LIVE Q & A sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

FOREVER! Once you’re a Slumber and Bloomer, you’re always a part of my family. When you buy my courses, you have access to them forever. PLUS, you’re invited to join my Facebook community, too!

If you’re local to Rochester, NY, I’m happy to come to your house and help you out! If you’re not, we can hop on Zoom and have a virtual consultation call. Email me at Missy@slumberandbloom.com to set up a consultation. At the end of the course, you’ll be offered exclusive extended support packages, so check that out too!

Scientifically, children potty train best between 20-30 months old. With that being said, my course is designed for 18+ months. If your child is younger than that, use your parental discretion about starting potty training. My method will work, if your child is READY. On the other end of the spectrum, if your child is older than 4 years old and you’re struggling with potty training, seek out Pediatrician advice before investing in ANY potty training program. Ensure eliminating any medical barriers to potty training first.

Due to the nature of the information provided in the course + the 7-days of email support, your purchase is non-refundable. If you’re struggling with potty training, I will help you get over the hurdle and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Set up a consultation with me: see the extended support section within the course.

>> Hi, I'm Missy!

This is my “zone of genius.” I’m here to be your #momlife bestie and help your family blossom.

When I’m off the clock…

It’s solo dance parties and “sold-out concerts” in my living room.

While I take my job/passion very seriously, when I’m not working, you can find me being silly, loud, and bold. “Life is too short to be anything but happy,” so I try to live every day to the fullest. If you see me at my favorite Barre class at my local YMCA, don’t be shy, come to say hi! I love making friends and meeting my clients IRL.

Learn more about me here, and view my credentials, too!


Potty training your child within 7-days or LESS!
Ditching the diapers quickly with my proven method.
Feeling at ease because your potty training experience was a breeze.



For only $99 you get all this:

✓ 40+ potty training instructional videos
✓ Potty Training Action Plan pdf
✓ Potty training checklist
✓ Potty training goals chart
✓ Toddler potty sequence cards & sticker chart
✓ 7-days of email support [BONUS]
✓ Invitation to POTTY PARTY: Live Facebook group [BONUS]