Sleep Consultations

All one-on-one consultations with support include a comprehensive assessment, sleep log analysis, and unlimited email support for the duration of your purchased package.

Planting Seeds: Mini Sleep Consultations

Add-On Options/ Extras

In-Person Support: $50

Additional Sibling: $75

Additional Week of Support: $100

Group Classes (in-person): $50/family

Group Classes (online): $37

What parents are saying ...

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"Mia was not sleeping in her crib at daycare and at night waking up every two to three hours. She is 8 months old and it’s been quite exhausting. She was not putting herself to sleep and would sometimes take over an hour to fall asleep. After working with Missy for just one week Mia is sleeping at daycare in her crib! She is falling asleep on her own within a few minutes. We have cut out two feedings at night and she has slept through the night the last few days. I feel like a new woman!!! My only regret is waiting until8 months to do this!!!! Thank you so much Missy."


8 month old daughter

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"Prior to working with Missy my husband and I had hit the 10 month mark of no sleep. Our baby would wake 4,5, sometimes 6 times a night to nurse or even just for comfort and we would have to rock her back to sleep. Lets not even talk about her poor nap habits. Finally! we feel human again ... our baby is sleeping from 7pm-7am, puts herself to sleep and may wake 1-2 times to nurse but doesn't need to be rocked back to sleep. Overall our baby is getting A LOT more sleep and so too are my husband and I. AND WE ARE ALL HAPPIER! Thanks you Missy for your support you are amazing at what you do!"


10 month old daughter

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"Our experience with Missy was transformative. I have to say, I have read a bunch of books on sleep and was well aware of the basic principles, but just couldn't put it all together to make things work. When I finally transitioned our six-month-old (second child, who was still sleeping in our room) out of a Magic Merlin sleep suit, he started waking up every two hours throughout the night. My husband and I spent much of two nights yelling at each other out of frustration and exhaustion before we contacted Missy. We had to make a number of transitions at once - move baby out of our room, put him in a new sleep sack and new environment, teach him to fall asleep without props, and get him to sleep through the night and self-soothe if he woke up. We accomplished all these goals in an astonishing three days or so. This isn't rocket science conceptually, but the huge value Missy adds is the coaching and guidance along the way. I found that every general principle I read about begged about 10 questions, and I was never sure I was doing the right thing. It is a monumental help to have someone to ask those questions every day and receive answers back rapidly. My whole family is in such better shape now, thanks to Missy. And my husband and I are trying to decide each night want to do with our spare time. If you have any remote interest in giving this a try, don't hesitate - just do it. You'll be so glad."


7 month old son

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