Baby Proofing 101

By / September 10, 2018 /

I know, we want to protect our kids from everything harmful in the world. Trust me, if there was a way to keep my kids in a bubble, I would do it in a heartbeat. But that’s unrealistic, so let’s talk about keeping our homes safe for our babies and toddlers.   Step 1: Get on…

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Top 8 Reasons to Hire A Sleep Consultant

By slumberandbloom / August 27, 2018 /

So you’ve been reading my blogs and hearing all about “sleep services” and consultations and one-on-one support, but you’re still sitting there wondering, “Do I actually need to hire a sleep consultant?” If you’ve been reading all of my sleep tips, your baby still isn’t sleeping through the night and you’re still on the fence…

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Toddler Sleep: How Sleep Impacts TEMPER TANTRUMS!

By / August 17, 2018 /

Whether you want to call it the “terrible twos” or the “trying threes,” toddlers can be very hard to handle while they’re in the middle of a tantrum. I’ve been there, more than once.   >> I’ve been the victim of getting peas spit on the floor while screaming, “I WILL NOT EAT THESE!” … even…

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Newborn Sleep: 5 Tips for Smooth Nights

By slumberandbloom / August 10, 2018 /

The absolute number one question I get asked on an almost daily basis is, “Can you tell me all of your baby sleep secrets?!” To answer that quickly, no. But I can give you my top 5 tips to help you establish healthy sleep habits for your newborn. Photo Credit: Yari Garcia Photography >…

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The ABC's of Sleep

By / July 27, 2018 /

When you first find out that you’re pregnant or adopting a newborn, you think about all of the fun things you’ll get to do with your baby. You’ll think about decorating her room in all the pretty pink colors and buying cute outfits with bows that match. You’ll think about dance recitals, prom, graduations, and…

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“My Baby Wakes Up Every 2 Hours!”

By slumberandbloom / July 20, 2018 /

Exhausted mamas, I’ve heard this so many times- “My baby wakes up every 2 hours!” Or even worse, “My baby wakes up every time I put her down!” Some parents have resorted to sleeping on an air mattress in their child’s room or moving recliners and couches into the baby’s room, or just snoozing on…

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Nap Transitions: How to Detect Them!

By slumberandbloom / July 13, 2018 /

As parents, it seems like as soon as we get into the groove of a routine, everything changes. The fact is that as your baby grows, his sleep requirements change. That means routines and schedules need to change, too. Wake windows shift, nap times shift, and bedtimes shift, but it’s up to us as parents…

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My Favorite Bedtime Books for Babies & Toddlers!

By slumberandbloom / April 18, 2018 /

There are so many benefits to reading with your children, especially starting at a young age! Reading before bed is a great way to establish a bedtime routine, it teaches about communication, introduces letters and numbers, and builds listening skills! When a baby is born, the retina is not fully developed. Your baby can only…

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How to Avoid Stress Before Sleep Training Your Baby

By slumberandbloom / April 10, 2018 /

It’s no secret that sleep training your baby can be stressful. I have four tips that will help you avoid becoming stressed out. 1. Make sure you’re 100% committed. Don’t start and then give up and then try something else, then give up then repeat and repeat and repeat. That method isn’t going to teach…

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How to Avoid A Sleep Regression while Teething

By slumberandbloom / March 7, 2018 /

“My baby won’t sleep because he’s teething and he’s in SO MUCH PAIN!” Does that sounds familiar? Chances are, if you have a baby, you’ve said it before. Truth be told, cutting teeth should NOT permanently affect your baby’s sleep habits! The discomfort from teething should only last 3-4 days before the tooth arrives and an…

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