How to know when it’s time to potty train

By slumberandbloom / May 1, 2020 /

Do you think your child is ready for potty training? Is your child showing signs of readiness to learn how to use the toilet? In this video, I’m going to teach you how you can tell if your child is ready to ditch the diapers! TAKE THE POTTY TRAINING READINESS QUIZ: GET THE POTTY…

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Gentle Sleep Training Methods: 4-6 Month Old Sleep Training

By slumberandbloom / April 24, 2020 /

Are you ready for more sleep? Do you want your room (and/or bed) back?! You think your baby needs some sleep training, but you’re unsure of cry-it-out sleep training methods? What you may not know is that there are SO many different methods out there. I’m going to teach you about my top 4 gentle…

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Will Sleep Training Damage My Baby?!

By slumberandbloom / April 16, 2020 /

Many exhausted parents are interested in sleep training their baby, but they’re concerned about the emotional toll it may take on their child. I’m going to talk about whether or not sleep training will actually cause damage to your child or have any impact on your emotional bond with your baby. There is so much…

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How to choose the right sleep training method for your child

By slumberandbloom / April 9, 2020 /

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog post, you’re ready to start improving your child’s sleep. You want to sleep train your baby, but you’re not sure which method would be the best fit for your family. There is no quick answer to this, but there are ways to decide on the best fit for…

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Working from Home and Living My BEST LIFE

By slumberandbloom / April 4, 2020 /

Before having kids, I was a preschool teacher. I attempted to go back to working full-time and it just wasn’t working. My son, Timmy wasn’t sleeping at daycare and the lack of sleep was making him miserable. He was up all night and crying constantly and not meeting his milestones. I quit my job, kept…

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Newborn Baby Winter Must-Have Items: Favorite Newborn Baby Products

By slumberandbloom / January 20, 2020 /

Winter is in full swing and it’s freezing in Upstate, NY. If you are wondering what the hottest 2020 must-have winter baby items are, I’ve got you covered.

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How to Teach Your Child to Take Longer Naps

By slumberandbloom / November 21, 2019 /

Naptime is such an important part of the day. If your child is taking short naps or no naps at all, I am laying out some great tips to help you improve your child’s naps. PRENATAL/NEWBORN SLEEP GUIDE: If you’re ready to start sleep training, let’s set up a time to chat! Some things to…

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Baby & Toddler Naps by Age (with a printable nap schedule chart)

By slumberandbloom / November 16, 2019 /

Babies’ sleep needs are constantly changing. From the number of naps they need in a day to the amount of time they can be awake in between naps. As your baby grows, she will be able to stay awake longer and also take longer, more consolidated naps. Sometimes it seems like as soon as we…

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How to Teach Your Baby to Sleep in the Crib (so you don’t stay awake and hold your baby all night)

By slumberandbloom / November 16, 2019 /

There are so many transitions in the first year of a baby’s life and one of them happens to be the transition to the crib. Some families choose to teach their baby to sleep in a crib from day 1 and others wait until the baby is a few months old. No matter when you…

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How to Calm A Fussy Baby: Tips to Help Your Baby Relax

By slumberandbloom / September 22, 2019 /

When you bring home your new baby, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all of the new things you need to learn about being a parent, getting to know your new baby, healing your body, and so much more. You’re going to be exhausted and may need some support in calming your fussy baby. In…

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